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Pictures [Jan. 8th, 2005|01:22 pm]
*puts up middle finger*
If anyone has pictures that they would like to share, that would be awasome! It dosent matter what they are of, i have tones i need to scan, cuz they are funny, they are mostly of me sabina, dana, and josh flicking off the camra. It dosen't matter who they are of, i just wan't pictures of my wadsworth friends! I want Jake's school picture, the new one if any one would be kind enough to scan that for me, i would give them hot sex. I just miss alot of you guys so much. If any one you know has pics on a site, post a link please. I know Kelly has tones of great pics on her site, i have to ask her if it's ok if i post a link though. But pleeezze help me out, i miss my mikel, and all you guys really!

[User Picture]From: fortressoftearz
2005-01-20 04:23 pm (UTC)


I have a picture of Mike and I if you want I can probably scan that for you down at the library next time I go...and I gots some of Dawn and shit 2. I'll just show them 2 you sometime and you can pick the cool ones out.
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